Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 7 years and haven’t noticed the trend in social media and professional networks like LinkedIn, you would have seen a huge number of employers who are now searching and screening their prospective employees.

One of their first point of references when selecting and recruiting staff is a Google search on the person in question, digging up details and getting a sense of who they’re and what they look like. This is where many potential candidates might not be living up to some of their competitors when hunting for that promotion or special position. If your name comes up and there you’re, having a drink with mates or half butt naked (part of this year’s Schoolies trend) you can almost guarantee that your first impression might not be the best impression.

This isn’t to say that having a party photograph on your LinkedIn profile won’t land you the job, it obviously depends on what industry you’re going for and it also doesn’t mean you won’t get a shot at the top job.

What it does mean though is having a professional photograph on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn during those times of job hunting will make a great first impression and will certainly get their attention and show you care about your future.

So, how can we help capture that professional headshot and profile picture that will grab people’s attention?

Well it doesn’t matter what type of headshot you’re after, whether it be a corporate headshot, artistic headshot for those who might also want to have it on their Tinder profiles J, we can deliver a theme and style to help boost your online presence. If you’re an accountant, lawyer or professional after that clean crisp backdrop look we will sit down with you, run through the ideas behind a headshot, capture them and then sit down with you some more and really help you to understand how to get the look you’re after.

This comes down to understanding 3 main parts of how your face works to change “Your Look” all of which is included in our session.

If you’re an aspiring actor or professional athlete the process is exactly the same. Imagine you’re an athlete looking to book sponsorship but you don’t quite have the portfolio to match all the outstanding achievements, we can help fill in the blanks by booking a headshot photography session in Brisbane, Gold Coast and also the Sunshine Coast.