If you’re a striving and passionate professional in your chosen field of work and often look for new opportunities it’s often best to ensure you have a clean and tidy corporate headshot for your LinkedIn and social media accounts. In this day and age where many employers are searching their prospective future employee before they even interview, it’s extremely important to have a clear understanding of what your image portrays, after all your profile picture is your first piece of brand awareness.

Unfortunately, if you’re going to have pictures of yourself getting drunk with your friends on Friday night as your profile picture, it just won’t cut it, unless of course you’re trying to fit in with the party scene.

Understanding your objectives when it comes to having your portrait photographed will determine the direction we will go and the styling of your portrait photograph. Things like a white background, colour temperature (warm or cold), outdoors or photographs taken within the office all have different looks and feels to them. Some key questions for you to think about before deciding your style of portrait.

What market are you trying to target?

What persona do you want to portray?

What are you key goals?

Depending on the answers to the above will then help us shoot in the right direction. Anyone can come in and have their portrait taken however is it going to help you achieve your goals? Taking a photograph of you outside near buildings being constructed when you’re applying for roles within the environmental field might portray the wrong message. On the contrary if you’re applying for fields in construction industy then this might be exactly what you need.

From here we will brain storm key words that will help us photograph your corporate head shot.

Looking to book your next headshot?

With our mobile studio available we can come to your place of business and set up our professional lighting and equipment to capture your corporate headshots.