Blank Canvas Photography services provided:

  • Two-hour party and event photographer – Brisbane
  • Price $395
  • Photos delivered via our online client gallery with a ‘one click download all’ button.

Are you looking for a venue to host your next party or event? Why don’t you check out Sixteen Antlers Rooftop Bar in Brisbane? This was the first time we photographed at Sixteen Antlers and we were so impressed we simply had to share our photographs from Laura and Aidan’s engagement party.

We met Laura and Aiden at one of their friend’s engagement parties last year. They were so happy with our photographic services that they ended up booking Blank Canvas Photography for their very own engagement party at Sixteen Antlers Rooftop Bar. Do we feel special? Yes, we do! It’s an absolute privilege to be at events documenting a huge milestone for a couple and to be recommended from their friends certainly feels rewarding.

Our head party and event photographer Jon supplied a 2-hour party and event photography package which timed perfectly with the couple’s speeches and cake cutting. Jon took care to take candid photographs of all Laura and Aidan’s guests and of course took lots of cute couples and family portraits whilst at the event. Not only do we photograph couples with our professional cameras, we also help guests take selfies on their iPhones. After all, it’s a service we provide where you get nothing but the best customer service.

Sixteen Antlers Rooftop Bar offers a spectacular view of the Brisbane city skyline, with City Hall located directly across the park. This makes for a beautiful backdrop for photographs taken during the event. Once you arrive at the rooftop you will be greeted by an amazing view and the smell of delicious food. Oh, and as an added bonus, there is cheap parking close by in King George Square!

From a photographer’s point of view this venue is a delight to photograph. With beautiful neon blue lighting and plenty of space to put some flashes around the room, it’s close to being one of our favourite venues to photograph in Brisbane. Hosting a good party and event often means making sure the space fits the number of guests. If the room is too large guests tend to sit on opposite sides of the room and not socialise. Too small of a room and no one can move to chat to anyone else. Sixteen Antlers Rooftop Bar is flexible in that it is suitable for up to 50 guests (if you book half the venue) or up to 100 guests (if you book the whole venue).

Sixteen Antlers offers a great mix of sit-down lounges and bar stools scattered across the ‘L’ shaped room. This makes a perfect setting for those who want to relax with a view of the Brisbane city skyline or those who want to move around the room to talk to friends and family.

Overall Sixteen Antlers Rooftop Bar in Brisbane is a great spot for your next party or event.