A message from Jon

Over the past 10 years the answer to this question has changed as I’ve grown and developed as a photographer and also an artist. My photographic journey began for me shortly after my 21st birthday. Although I’ve always owned a camera from an early age and my father was a keen photographer who gave me my first Kodak camera however it wasn’t until an unfortunate and almost fatal surfing accident that dramatically changed my life did I realise my true passion for photography.

After breaking my back in three places whilst surfing a large swell on the Gold Coast I had no other option but to photograph the beauty of the surf whilst my friends surfed the natural phenomenon. Shortly after learning the technical skill and knowledge of my craft I began to receive praise and recognition on an international scale.

So why am I a photographer? Well let’s be honest, by the photographs on this page I’m not going to be a model haha.

At first, it was the thrill of taking an incredible photograph and having my friends and family enjoy the image. The thrill of seeing their faces when looking at a piece of work that I had captured and often spent countless hours planning to capture a story an image withholds is extremely rewarding. My landscape and ocean art images which can be found on my other website are a reflection of this.

Translating this same desire and thrill into wedding and portrait photography is very similar. It’s like speaking English Australian vs English American. They’re similar but have their differences in spelling and slang. For me, when I’m hired to photograph an event, wedding or portrait session I’m constantly looking for that wow factor, something that will be so incredible and beautiful that my clients can’t help but fall in love with their images. It’s their reactions and enjoyment of their photography session that drives me to constantly find something uniquely beautiful in each and every person or couple I photograph.

When I hear those words “Oh My GOD we love them” I get an instant smile and adrenalin rush. Or whilst I’m showing my client their wedding photographs and I see a tear from their eyes remembering that special day I know I’ve done a great job. It’s so rewarding, it’s a privilege and I can’t thank them enough for including me on their special day. LOVE.