Late 2019 we were lucky enough to photography a beautiful intimate wedding with Lisa and Ryan at The Calile Hotel Brisbane. We did a little interview with them to find out more about the couple and their thoughts about their wedding day.

Lisa + Rian’s Wedding

Tell us how you met the love of your life and what made the other person so special?

Rian and I have been friends for ten years. Our close group of friends would go on adventures (concerts, overseas holidays) and we just had a lot of fun. We always got along when we saw each other at group events every few months. Then one day about four years ago, we looked at each other differently and we began flying between Darwin and Brisbane to see each other.

What we love about each other is how much fun we have together, just the two of us! We are each other’s best friend and our relationship only gets better the more time we spend together.

Your wedding wasn’t the typical wedding day, tell us why you decided to do a first look and your main goals for your wedding.

Our main goal for our wedding was to have all of our favourite people in one place, having a great time! We were less focused on a big ceremony and more focused on a big party! We knew a ceremony was important to our families, so we kept it intimate and had a celebration afterwards with all of our friends. 

We chose to have a first look because our wedding was about us, and that moment reserved for just the two of us was important. It meant that we felt that we were doing this as a team and we could be emotional and in love without also being watched by everyone. 

We also loved our pre-wedding photos as we looked our best and we didn’t want to leave our party later on. It worked so well and we wouldn’t have done anything differently!

Your venue was absolutely stunning and we loved photographing there. What really stood out for you when deciding to get married there?

We were looking for an intimate venue that was glamorous and centrally located. When we found the Calile suite and knew it could host 25 people, we knew it was the perfect space for our closest family to witness our wedding. When I spoke with the hotel, they were amazing from the first call. Nothing was too hard. The staff were amazing and they totally got my mini-wedding vibe. The Calile Hotel also provided a glam backdrop for all of our amazing photos.

Of all the photographs are there any that really got the feels when you were viewing your gallery?

Jon captured the tears, the laughter and the fun perfectly in the shots. We love the portraits and the arty shots too.

Your overall experience with your photography and photographer?

Blank Canvas Photography absolutely listened to our brief for our wedding. Jon was professional, fun and even made my husband enjoy the photoshoot. The photos are high quality, fab angles and he just made us look our best. Our first look captured the emotion, the portraits were creative, artistic and he made us look amazing. Jon also rocked the party shots and captured the party perfectly. He captured a fabulous photo of every guest. The best thing about Jon was that even though he took over 1000 photos, I barely noticed him and he was so naturally a part of our wedding. I now relive my wedding through his shots! He was amazing and we love our photos.

What about your other vendors, any stand out experiences?

My dressmaker was by Kinsman, a Victorian boutique couture dressmaker. From the moment I met Steph, she totally got my vibe. Every fitting was chilled and fun as the dress was created in front of me. I never worried between fittings, it was always just more perfect the next fitting. Steph handmade my custom dress using exceptional materials. I felt privileged to have had Steph make my dress!

Any final words for us or for your partner?

Thank you so much to Jon and Blank Canvas photography. We cannot stop telling people what an amazing photographer you were!