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So he, or possibly even you, finally popped the big question! Your friends and family are so happy for you and now it’s time to celebrate. As a way to celebrate the wonderful news with your special friends and family, many couples choose to throw an Engagement Party with a few drinks and food.

I know exactly how you feel as my partner and I recently threw our Engagement Party so we know what you are about to do. Planning an Engagement Party can be a whole lot of fun (and sometimes stress) but what’s really needed to make it one kick-ass party?

To give you some help, today we are showcasing a stunning Engagement Party we photographed in Brisbane for the lovely Katie and Bryce, both outstanding people in their own right but even more so when paired together.

Tip one – Have a friend or family member help you organise

There are many things to consider when organising an Engagement Party. From the venue, invitation list, food, drinks, decorations and most importantly what you are going to wear, it’s important to get help when you need it. I first learned of Katie and Bryce’s engagement through a family member. This family member contacted Blank Canvas Photography on behalf of the couple and they had been asked to help the happy couple in booking an event photographer and organising the venue! Talk about a lot of responsibility!

Tip two – Personalised Style

It’s always nice to show your friends and family a little bit about you both as a couple. Often this is found with framed photographs of the couple at the venue or even a slide show running in the background. These photos aren’t always just about the couple as they can also include memories shared with the guests who are there to help you celebrate.

Tip three – Find your theme

A sub-category of style, having a clear theme for your Engagement Party will help set the mood. Often choosing a colour will help bring direction to you, your family member who has offered to help with decorating or if you are lucky enough your event planner. Once you know your colours, it’s a lot easier to accumulate the right products to deck out your party. Check out Katy and Bryce’s buffet bar decked out in GOLD! Always remember that it might be fun to find decorating items yourself! As if you need another excuse to shop at Kmart.

Tip four – Hire a professional event photographer!

Hiring a photographer is a great idea to help capture such a wonderful night. Even though everyone has a smart phone and can often been seen capturing selfies, nothing compares to a professional! We often spend around 2 hours capturing our client’s events. The key here is to make sure you wave down your photographer and get their attention for any special shots you might have in mind. In addition to capturing a beautiful portrait of the soon to be married couple, cutting of the cake and speeches we also ensure we photograph the finer details like decorating items and candid moments of you and your guests. With over 8 years of experience the photographers at Blank Canvas pride themselves on their pleasant and professional demeanour and quality photographs. We will even help your guests take photos on their phones! No more selfie sticks required!

Tip 5 – Just have Fun!

Whilst you could worry about a broken lolly jar, a popped balloon, that your good friend’s flight was delayed or that Uncle Jim has become extremely intoxicated the most important thing on your Engagement Party night is to have fun! Your guests have come to see you so make sure you take the time to walk around and catch-up with everyone (pro tip: take your fiancé along with you to talk to their relative that you’ve only met once to break the ice). And while you are chatting to your guests make sure you flag your photographer over so we can come and catch a quick photo! It’s also important to take the time to thank everyone that has helped you with organising the Engagement Party. Whilst many of us hate making a speech a quick thank you to the person who helped make the cake or decorated the venue can really make their night. Plus the bonus is that once speeches are over you can really let your hair down and just enjoy the night with friends and family.

We hope these tips help you in your journey of planning your Engagement Party. We’d also like to thank Katie and Bryce for inviting us to capture your special day and we wish you all of the best with your wedding planning. If you are looking for more ideas or inspiration pop over to our party’s page and check out how other beautiful couples have celebrated with their friends and families.


Venue – QA Hotel Fortitude Valley

Event + Services – Engagement Party Photography

With all the venues we have photographed around Brisbane and the Gold Coast we were extremely impressed with QA Hotel as a venue to hold your engagement party. There was plenty of space, the food was great and everyone had a great time.  We would highly recommend their services if you’re considering a function or party.