When booking a family portrait session, we often get asked “is it ok to bring our dog or cat” when we hear those words we are so excited as this often means we get to interact with a fury friend. The answer is always a resounding YES!!! Of course, we would love to have your pet dog Bentley come and join in on your family portrait session, after all they are family too!

So what are some tips for your Fury family portrait session?

Tip one – Squeaky toys!

Bring your pets favorite squeaky toy, try not to squeeze it before the photography session starts otherwise they might be too hyped up to settle and relax for the photoshoot.

Tip two – Time to get fuurrriendly

Allow extra time for the dog to get acquainted with the photographer. As I’m sure you know, often when meeting a new human dogs and animals can often be super excited, allow time for the photographer to interact and say hello to your fury friend.

Tip three – Understand your dogs moods

Determine how well behaved your pet is, is it likely to take 10 minutes to get used to new people or more like 45 minutes? Let’s factor this into your photo session. Once he/she is calm we can proceed to photographing your family portrait session. If Bentley tends to be loud and unsettled maybe bringing someone else to mind him for the shoot and help utilize your time better.

Tip four – Cute outfits or natural fur for days!

Clothing and attire. This is of course preference for you and your family, but some people like to dress their dogs up in a cute coat and a nice collar to fit within your colour palette of your family members.

Tip five – Preparation is key

Preparation is key. Helping us to understand your dogs’ behaviors and what works well will ultimately help us interact and get your dog’s attention.

Here is a little sample of a recent family photoshoot we did with their fury friend Robbo. Having candid and formal shots with and without your pet makes for a great option for future years to come.

We hope these tips help you in your journey of planning your family portrait photography session. To book your session head on over to our contact page and send us an email. Let’s plan your next family portrait session today!