Another beautiful engagement party photography session completed. This beautiful couple had a nice and intimate engagement party at the stunning London Club with their close friends and family with loads of laughs. When Emma and Paul contacted us for their photography we helped guide them through the process and also delivered the images within 48 hours.

Often when we get inquiries to photograph engagement parties our clients always say “they just want someone to look after the photos” this really helps everyone relax and have a good time.

Although we encourage people to get photographs taken with one another and especially the couple who are about to get married, there is always a fine art to timing an interruption. We are constantly reading the room to find an opportunity for a photograph whilst being unobtrusive. After all, you want your guests to enjoy the time with you.

As part of our party and event photography service we also love the reactions of their guests and friends when we rush over to see people taking “selfies” not only do we photograph them with our camera, but we also offer our services and take a photo on their phone. Although, the photograph isn’t as good as ours :), it sure is a nice touch on our personalised service.

Event Venue – The London Club Brisbane

Services hired – Engagement party photography

The London Club in Brisbane is a beautifully designed building situated near the old woolsheds. The high ceilings and interesting bookshelf make for a great backdrop and the food is always on point.