Are you an event planner or part of a marketing team trying to work out what a fun interactive activity to do at your next conference? Why not look at booking a Conference Headshot Studio?

Conference headshots are fast becoming very popular for two main reasons. They’re fun and provide your prospective clients with a professional headshot and also allow you an opportunity to talk and communicate with people that might continue to walk on by.

With our headshot studio setup, we are often flooded with praise from the people who get their photo taken. Best of all, their photo is free all thanks to you and your smart thinking to provide this service.

So what are some tips to ensure your conference headshot yields the best results?

  • If you have a list of clients already and know they will be attending, make sure they’re aware that headshots are happening and stop by. Keeping current clients is just as important as prospective clients.
  • If you have a smaller conference with a list of attendees, let them know they can have their photograph taken for free. Nothing worse than hearing “oh I would’ve worn my jacket if I’d had known”
  • Find an easy but effective way to deliver the photograph to your prospects with a potential opt-in consent form.
  • Talk to the delegates about your product but understand their business and how your product can help solve their issues.

What does a conference headshot studio look like?

Depending on the space and the venue they can change. The more space the better and we would recommend a black or white background. Often black looks great and stands out against the crowd.

What about the photos?

Check out a small selection of these headshots from our recent studio session.