We were recently contacted by a local Brisbane up and coming real estate agent Darren who needed a new headshot and corporate portrait. Over a few weeks of planning and understanding exactly what Darren was needing to portray for his business we came up with several key words that best described his professional brand.

Relaxed, Approachable and professional image.

During this one hour session we tethered our camera to our laptop for real time feedback. This allowed us to ensure we captured the perfect image the client wanted. Not only this, but having the camera tethered to the laptop helped coach Darren with his facial expressions and body language as perceived through the photographs.

After a few test shots we sat down and started to critique three key elements and problem areas Darren had whilst having his photo taken. This included the way his neck was being bunched up in the photograph. We gave him a few key tips and direction to help Darren get the shot he wanted.