Well, what a title for this blog post! Today I’m showcasing what it’s like to be the photographers’ photographer haha!

The AIPP is the national photographic body of Australia and each year the AIPP undertakes a process of having photographic competitions. There is every imaginable photographic category including weddings, nature, sports, documentary, newborn, birth, illustrative and many more. Each state from around Australia holds an awards process organised by their state council with support from heaps of volunteers to help get the awards running and off the ground.

The AIPP State Awards is more than just entering a few photographs. It also includes the process of printing your work to enable 5 judges to view your work under specific lighting requirements. It takes a minimum score of 320 points to be eligible to win the category and each print is scored from 0-100.

At the end of the weekend, judges will have scored over 500 entries, reviewed and provided feedback to entrants and spent their own time to help the community grow and receive recognition for their hard work and creative ideas.

So, where does this leave me? Well as part of the AIPP community a goal of mine this year was to be more involved and help push my creativity to a new level. I was then fortunate enough to be asked to provide my services to the QLD State Awards Night at Darling and Co Paddington in Brisbane.

Photographing the Awards Night

As you could imagine being the main photographer whilst the guests and patrons are all photographers themselves, many of which are of an extremely high calibre, was a little daunting. I couldn’t help but think; ‘are they going to judge my technique’, ‘maybe they won’t like my camera gear’ or ‘maybe someone will tell me to do it differently’. However, I decided to approach this job just as I would with any other! By taking everything into consideration, planning and providing a professional service whilst documenting the night to tell the story of success and celebration.

I arrived an hour early to setup a media wall with the EPSON banner in the background, this was used for the official award photographs which included the presenter and also the award recipient.

The Venue – Darling and Co

Darling and Co is situated opposite Suncorp Stadium and was formally known as Iceworks. Many years ago we photographed the Leagues of Legends event here, I must say the revamp and the new function rooms are perfect for cocktail events up to 120 pax.

The “Swayze’s Backstage” function room, with an overflowing old world charm, inviting and colourful lounges is perfect for a relaxing and vibrant event. Check out their birthday parties and functions pricelist here.

The food was delicious and with canapés being served constantly, the guests had a great night and full stomachs! Overall, the atmosphere of the venue was perfect to get guests networking and interacting with each other which is perfect for this type of corporate event. Bringing community together!

Do you have a corporate event or award night coming up? Well, check out our information page and get in contact. We would love to help you.

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