We often get asked many of the same questions from our clients when booking a family portrait session and often sometimes these are the most important concepts that will take your photographs from good to incredible. Below are some great tips to help your photoshoot be everything you want it to be.

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Tip one – Plan ahead

Planning is the first step in creating the idea you have in your head and putting it onto paper. Understanding what you really want from your photography session is key and it will help ensure we capture everything the way you want. A great place to start your planning

Tip two – Style your photoshoot

When conceptualising the vision in your head, is there key elements or style elements that you have? Often collaborating an idea with us will help take your photos to the next level and give you a unique photograph that really hits home.

Tip three – Props and accessories

Included in the styling, understanding any props you might like to use. Although picking random props will make the photo seem a little out of place it’s important to keep the props within your style and theme of your photoshoot for a cohesive look.

Tip four – What to wear?

It seems so simple but making sure you’re dressed in the right attire and choose colours and clothing to fit the style of your photoshoot. This will really help make your photographs pop. Unless photographing a fashion shoot this is often secondary to your styling. Understand the colours you wish to have in the image and choosing colours in your clothing to really pop and mix well will have a huge advantage for your final image.

Check out this great blog post that we stumbled upon that covers this in a huge amount of detail.

Tip 5 – End concept

This all comes down to what you want to do with the photographs! Do you have a wall or area in mind that you need to fill? Perhaps you’re wanting 5 images in a collage on the wall? Understanding where the images will be displayed can also help determine all the dot points above. Perhaps you want a certain colour theme to work on your wall and include the images as artwork to compliment your interior design. Luckily for you, we have some great tools to prepare you for this prior to your session which will help the flow of your family photoshoot.

Well that’s it for today, we hope this information will help you plan your next session and you get the most out of your photography.